Zoya Dot, Tomoko, and Kitridge

Zoya DotZoya recently had a promo where you could get three polishes for free, you just had to pay for shipping. I only have a couple of Zoyas, so I decided to take advantage of the promo and build my collection. The three colors I chose were Dot (a full-coverage pink petal cream), Kitridge (a classic summer bubblegum pink cream), and Tomoko (a PixieDust described as a romantic champagne silver).

zoya dotI was surprised by how much I like Zoya Dot. I usually go for darker, brighter pinks, but I really like this pinky-neutral. Most pinks this light are pretty sheer, and not very buildable. Dot is opaque and full-coverage in two coats. It’s not a flashy color, but it’s not a “mannequin-hands nude” or a “super-sheer pink” either. I could see it being my go-to color when I don’t want something too bright but I don’t want something too boring. It’s just a really pretty light pink with a great formula.

zoya dot and tomoko copyZoya Dot is shown here with Tomoko accents. Tomoko is a gorgeous color. It’s not quite gold, but not completely silver either. I would probably describe it as a warm-toned silver, if that makes any sense. Even though textured polishes tend to dry kind of matte and lose their shine, Tomoko isn’t dull. It has a pretty fine texture to it, no chunks of glitter like the OPI liquid sands. Two coats was all it took to get perfect coverage, and it dried very quickly. I wasn’t expecting to like this color as much as I did.

zoya kitridge and tomoko copyI was really disappointed with Kitridge (shown here with Tomoko as an accent nail). I’m a huge fan of bubblegum pinks and decided I had to have this one, even though I’ve got plenty of colors just like it. The color is perfect, but the formula is difficult to work with. It’s thin and streaky, and took three coats to get to full-coverage (even though Zoya classifies it as being more opaque than Dot or Tomoko). I thought Kitridge would be my favorite of the three, but it’s actually the one I like the least.

Zoyas are $9 for 0.5 oz, or $10 for PixieDusts. They are 5-free.


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