Winter Nails with Julep Austen and Deborah Lippmann Va Va Voom


Even though winter is still a month away (despite what my company calendar says), I couldn’t resist doing a winter mani. Fall is nice, but it’s hard for me to get too excited about warm-toned polishes (oranges, yellows, browns). I’m much more of a cool-toned polish person and I love blues. I recently picked up Julep’s Austen, a rich royal blue shimmer, and I couldn’t wait to use it for a mani.


Blue nail polish kind of sneaked up on me. One of my first Julep boxes contained Ally, an electric blueberry frost color (or, as a reviewer more accurately described it, a “Katy Perry blue”). I never wore much blue polish before, but after using Ally once, I was hooked. Ally still remains one of my favorite Julep polishes and when they released Austen, which looked very similar, I decided to try it. Austen is a little darker and slightly more purple than Ally, but it’s still in the same color family. Ally is a bright, fun blue and Austen is her slightly more refined sister. Ally is summer, Austen is winter. Get the picture?


Austen is a really pretty royal blue. It’s just a tad darker and the shimmers aren’t quite as noticeable in person as they are in these photos (I took them in direct sunlight). Austen is almost a one-coater, although I used two just to even things out. Like a lot of blue polishes, it does have a slightly skunky smell from the pigment. While I don’t love it as much as Ally, this is still a beautiful color and I’m so glad I got it. Austen is $14/11.20 Maven here.


Since I can never have too much glitter on my nails, I added Deborah Lippmann’s Va Va Voom as an accent. Va Va Voom has a blue jelly base and is full of blue hexagonal glitters in two sizes. Oh, and did I mention they’re holographic? With the jelly base the glitters don’t stand out as much, but the fact that they are holographic keeps this polish from being flat.


I love glitter anything but I usually use full-coverage glitter polishes or catch-your-eye glitter top coats. I like this monochromatic glitter look a lot though. Austen is such an eye-catching polish on its own, I didn’t really need any extra sparkle, but I love the texture that Va Va Voom adds to the mani. I only used one coat and got plenty of glitters on each nail. Va Va Voom’s blue jelly base is a great match for Austen.


Next, I added some snowflake decals. I love the nail vinyls from Vinyl It Up (see my previous posts using them here and here) and Lizzie was nice enough to send me some of the winter collection to try. I love her vinyls because they are an easy way to spruce up a mani, and they are so cute! They are really easy to use and last for awhile with a topcoat over them. I don’t have the patience for a lot of nail art but I can easily place a decal on my nails to get a fun look. I used the snowflake decals in powder blue, and I can’t wait to use more of the winter collection, especially the mittens and ornaments. I think the decals are already at a great price, but check out the Vinyl It Up instagram for a Black Friday special (these would be great Christmas gifts too).


So there it is, my first winter mani for the year. Austen is a really gorgeous royal blue shimmer and I’m so glad I picked it up. I love the holographic glitters in Va Va Voom and I’m really happy with the blue glitter on blue polish look. It’s sparkly and glittery which I love, but it’s more of a refined sparkle compared to what I usually wear. I’m also really happy with the snowflake decal. I like that it’s blue as well, so it really fits with the other polishes, but since it is a little lighter it also stands out and completes the look.

What do you think? Is it too soon for winter manis?


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Pumpkin Risotto with Fried Sage, Pine Nuts, and Balsamic Reduction


I know my last few food posts have all involved pumpkin, but that’s because I love it! Pumpkin is quintessentially fall and it tastes so good! For the most part, I tend to use pumpkin for sweeter foods (pumpkin bread, cookies, pie, etc), but I wanted to try a more savory pumpkin recipe. I came across a recipe for risotto using butternut squash, fried sage, pine nuts, and a balsamic glaze and decided I could easily adapt it to use pumpkin instead. My parents love risotto and my dad had been asking me when I was going to come over and cook him dinner again, so we decided to try this recipe. Risotto is one of those foods that seems very daunting to make but it’s actual pretty easy. It’s not as difficult and hands-on as its made out to be (you don’t have to stir it constantly and it’s not going to be ruined if you add the chicken broth at the wrong time). Risotto is a good, filling food and it is so easy to change a few ingredients and get a completely different flavor.

Adapted from Love and Olive Oil.

4 cups chicken stock, plus water as needed
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves garlic
3-4 fried sage leaves
1 cup arborio rice
1/4 cup dry white wine
1 can canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1/2 cup grated Asiago cheese, divided
black pepper

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
12-14 fresh sage leaves
1/4 cup pine nuts
Balsamic reduction (you can make your own by reducing balsamic vinegar with a little brown sugar, or you can buy balsamic reduction at the grocery store)


Heat chicken stock in a small saucepan over low heat. Keep warm.


While chicken stock is heating, use a small skillet to fry the sage. Fill pan with enough olive oil to form a 1/4 inch layer. Heat skillet over medium heat until oil is hot and shimmering. Carefully add 4-5 sage leaves at a time and cook for about 30 seconds (until they are crunchy and stop crackling). Using a slotted spoon, remove the leaves from the oil and place them on a plate lined with paper towels to cool. Repeat with remaining leaves (I just bought a package of sage and cooked all of the leaves).


For the risotto, heat the olive oil over medium heat in a large skillet. Add garlic and break apart 3-4 of the fried sage leaves and add them as well. Saute for a couple of minutes so the flavors can blend together. Add rice and saute for about 2 minutes until it begins to smell slightly nutty and is coated in oil.


Add wine and stir until it is completely absorbed. Add 1/2 cup of the warm chicken broth to the rice. Stir occasionally until the liquid is mostly absorbed, then add 1/2 cup more and repeat. Continue to add broth until rice is almost completely cooked and creamy, about 20-25 minutes (sometimes more or less, I like my risotto fairly soft but not overcooked). If you run out of chicken stock before it is done, add hot water instead.


When rice is almost done, add the pumpkin. Stir until fully mixed. Continue to cook until rice is fully done and pumpkin is warm. Add butter and stir until melted. Turn off burner and add Asiago cheese, stirring until fully mixed. Add salt and pepper to taste. Divide among plates and top with fried sage, pine nuts, and a drizzle of balsamic reduction.


We ate our risotto as a main dish with salad and bread, but this would also work as a side dish and it would be great for a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal. This risotto had a nice creamy flavor with a little sweetness from the balsamic reduction. The fried sage was a great touch and the pine nuts added a little texture. As good as this was the first night, it was even better as leftovers. Seriously, it was so good that next time I will make this a day early just so I can heat it up for lunch or dinner. The flavors really melded together and it was delicious!

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Whole30 Thanksgiving

Today at work we are having International Thanksgiving! Everyone on the team is supposed to bring a dish from their culture to share. Since N and I are still going strong with Whole30 (day 25!) I decided to make a paleo dish for the Thanksgiving celebration. I brainstormed for quite awhile before I decided to make sweet potato casserole – ultimately I figured it would be good to bring something that didn’t need too many modifications to make it paleo. I googled a couple different recipes and used this recipe with some minor modifications to make it whole30 approved (I left out the vanilla extract and used Penzeys Apple Pie Spice instead of cinnamon). I also didn’t really measure any of the ingredients – I just tasted as I went to see if I used enough of the spices or needed more. One last modification I made to the recipe was that I added some of the apple pie spices and cocoa powder directly into the sweet potatoes to sweet them up a little.

image^^All the ingredients. I used 6 large sweet potatoes and it was enough to fill a 9×13 pan.


^^ Chocolate Cinnamon walnuts for the topping


^^The finished product

Overall it was a pretty good paleo version of sweet potato casserole. Not gonna lie, I still prefer my sweet potatoes with lots of melted marshmallows on top!

- Stacie

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Urban Decay 500-Point Sephora Perk: Urban Obsessions


Sephora recently released a new 500-Point Perk from Urban Decay. I’ve been saving my Sephora points because I haven’t been too impressed with their perks lately, but I jumped at the chance to get this. Unlike the recent perks (typically four small samples or foils of things I already have) this one is a pretty good value. Urban Decay created a mini palette just for Sephora that contains four shadows (including two they claim are exclusive to this palette) and a deluxe eyeliner in one of their most popular shades, plus a teeny tiny sample of their eye primer.


The new mini palette is called Urban Obsessions. It’s a pretty decent size for a promo. The packaging is very similar in feel to their Full Frontal Lipstick Stash Set packaging. It has a slick, heavy feel to it and has a magnetic closure. It is almost like the original Naked palette but with a different material on the outside. Urban Obsessions is small enough for travel but sturdy enough to throw in your bag. I was really impressed with the size and quality of the packaging (it is actually bigger than my Julep Sweep Eyeshadow Palette, and that’s something they really sell).


Urban Obsessions comes with four different eye shadow shades: Skimp, Bust, Guilt, and Oil Slick. Skimp is a color from the Naked2 Basics Palette, Bust is part of Urban Decay’s permanent line, Guilt was originally released as part of a limited-edition holiday set, and Oil Slick is also part of the permanent line. The packaging claims this comes with two exclusive shades, which I guess means Skimp and Guilt since they can’t currently be purchased separately. The palette also holds a deluxe size of their 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Zero. I love the idea of having an eyeliner with the palette, but it barely fits in the slot for it and is really hard to get out. Once I sharpen it for the first time it will be fine, but it is a pain until then. Urban Obsessions has a mirror on the lid, so it’s easy to use on the go.


Also included with the palette is a foil sample of Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I love this eye primer and wish this came with a bigger sample so people who haven’t tried it yet could see how well it works. I’ve tried a quite a few primers over the years that never seemed to do anything but I noticed a huge difference when I started using this. My eye makeup lasts all day and doesn’t smudge or crease at all. This has made a big difference in my makeup routine and it really helps my eye makeup look fresh and like it was recently applied all day long. If you aren’t using an eye primer, pick this up and see the difference it makes!


Zero is Urban Decay’s black-but-not-super-black liner. I love Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils and they include Zero in a lot of their sets, but this is actually the first one I’ve ever gotten. I don’t wear much black eyeliner (with the exception of Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner), so I’m not sure how much use I will get out of Zero, but I’m excited to finally try it. Urban Decay’s eyeliners have great pigmentation with only one pass, and they really do glide-on without smudging and last all day.

Skimp, Bust, Guilt, Oil Slick, Zero, in sunlight

Skimp, Bust, Guilt, Oil Slick, Zero, in sunlight


Skimp is a peachy-nude satin highlight color. It doesn’t show up very well on me but it is a nice highlight shade that isn’t too flashy or light. This is more of an everyday highlight color rather than a smoky-eye-standout highlight color. Bust is a pale sable brown satin. This is a really pretty shade that leans more towards taupe than brown. It has just a hint of shimmer to it. I love Urban Decay’s satin finishes because they add some dimension without being too sparkly. Guilt is a very pretty pink shade with shimmer that turns more lilac once it’s on. It’s not as pigmented as I would like and I have to use a wet brush to get the amount of color I want. Oil Slick is a matte black with silver micro-glitter. It is very pigmented and the glitter adds a nice touch, but I have more black shadows than I could ever need. They always seem to be included in palettes but they are so hard to wear. Unless I’m doing a dramatic smoky eye (and even then I prefer gunmetal shadows), I never touch them. I know a lot of people use black shadows for eyeliner, but I find that to be too messy and I don’t wear much black anyway. Zero is a black eyeliner that glides on easily and stays put. It’s not as dark as Urban Decay’s Perversion, but it’s still a good black with great color payoff after one one pass.


Skimp, Bust, Guilt, Oil Slick, Zero, in shade


I am really happy with this 500-Point Perk. The palette is a good size and the colors are really pretty and wearable, with the exception of Oil Slick. I think this palette has a lot of versatility to it and is a good fit for my collection. Skimp is a great highlight shade, Bust is a beautiful taupe, and I love the shimmer and color of Guilt, even if it is a bit of a pain to apply. Having a black shadow and a black eyeliner in this palette seems a little redundant and I wish they had replaced Oil Slick with another color. I’ve been using Urban Obsessions every day since I got it. I love using Skimp in my inner corner, Bust in the outer corner and crease, and Guilt in the middle of my lid for a pop of color. I haven’t used Zero with it yet and instead have been trying different colored eyeliners (blue, taupe, grey). It’s a pretty, feminine look that is easy to wear every day. At 0.02 oz each, the eyeshadows are a little less than half the size of a full-size shadow, and at 0.03 oz, the eyeliner is 3/4 the size of a full size, for a total value of about $43.80. Not bad for a Sephora point perk!

You can get Sephora’s Urban Decay 500-Point Perk at your local Sephora or online here.


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Loveless Cafe

A few weeks ago I was able to spend the weekend in Nashville (while I was traveling for work). Nashville is quickly becoming one of my favorite cities the more time I spent there. On my list of things to do that weekend in Nashville was to eat at the Loveless Cafe. Yes, the majority of my list included restaurants to try! The great food in Nashville may play a small role in why I like it so much. Anyways, I had heard about the Loveless Cafe from several people telling me I had to try it, so the Saturday morning I was there my co-worker and I made the trip out to Loveless Cafe (its about 20 minutes from downtown). Somehow the GPS sent us on the scenic route there which was really nice because we were able to see a little bit more of Nashville including the trees which were just barely starting to turn orange and yellow. It really was such a pretty drive out to the cafe!

Pulling into the parking lot I could tell it was going to be a long wait. There were a ton of people wandering around the property and we had to wait a little to find a parking spot. Once we checked in with the cafe, we found out the wait was going to be about an hour and a half. I was expecting a long wait but not quite that long of a wait. But I figured if a restaurant always has a crazy wait, it must be really good. Luckily, the owners of the cafe have set the area up for a long wait. In addition to the cafe, they have a gift store, a barn out back, and a country market called “Hams & Jams” that sells some of the homemade jams and has cute homemade snacks such as cheesecake in a jar to snack on while you wait. They even have a couple sets of cornhole out front to pass the time. It’s really great that they have so many things set up to make the wait go by quicker.

The actual Loveless Cafe is located in a little house that is in the center of the property. The house was renovated a few years back to accommodate the mass amount of diners that visit each year. When we were finally seated (they were pretty spot on about the wait time) I was definitely ready to eat! I already knew I wanted the fried chicken (it’s one of their specialties) and I was definitely looking forward to trying out the biscuits. Our waitress quickly brought out the homemade biscuits and jam (peach, strawberry, and blackberry) for us to try. The biscuits were pretty great and I thought the homemade jams they came with were even better!  I ordered the half plate of fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and fried okra as my two sides. My co-worker also ordered the fried chicken but she ordered the full order – it was massive so I was defintiely glad I had ordered the half. The fried chicken was pretty good and you could tell that the sides were homemade from scratch. Taking the drive out to Loveless Cafe was definitely worth it. Next time I’m in Nashville I will plan on taking another visit to the Loveless Cafe.


photo (6)

^^ The biscuits and amazing jams

photo (5)

^^Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and fried okra

- Stacie

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Book Review: Refinery29: Style Stalking

refinery 29

Refinery29: Style Stalking is a new street style book by Christene Barberich and Piera Gelardi, the co-founders of the fashion site Refinery29. I have to admit, I’ve heard a lot about Refinery29 over the years, but it’s not a site I frequently read. However, I do love fashion and I get a lot of inspiration from seeing how clothes are styled in real life (ie not in fashion editorials) so I decided to check this book out. In my opinion, for the most part style books can only go one of two ways: they are either painfully obvious (little black dresses never go out of style!) or not practical for everyday life (as great as Harajuku street style is, it’s never going to work for me). I was pleasantly surprised by Refinery29: Style Stalking. The outfits are neither boring nor out of touch. This really is a great guide for how to incorporate runway trends into your everyday wardrobe.

There are plenty of great photos in this book, which is a must for a style guide. It is formatted almost like a magazine with tips next to each outfit. Refinery29: Style Stalking is divided into chapters based on trends: Brights, Layering, Ladylike, Black, Mixed Prints, Denim, Good Vintage, Ugly Pretty, Metallics, and Tomboy. Each chapter is then divided into sections: Basic Training (simple ways to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe), Style Moves (statement pieces for that trend), 1 Piece, 3 Ways (3 ways to style a piece of clothing), Rule Breakers (unusual ways to work the trend into your wardrobe), Year-Round (ways to wear the trend no matter the season), Q&A (Q&As with a fashionista about that specific trend), and Zoom Lens (close-up photos). I love that this book incorporates so many different trends and styles, so it’s easy for anyone to find something they like. The outfits and trends included are easy to duplicate. I wouldn’t wear every piece or even every trend in this book, but it is very easy to draw inspiration from and it’s also easy to tweak each outfit slightly to fit my style better. My favorite parts of the book (besides the pictures) were the 1 Piece, 3 Ways sections. It’s a pretty easy topic, but I loved seeing the different ways they styled each piece.

4 out of 5.


Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest review.

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Graze Snack Box Review #2


I posted awhile ago about Graze, a new subscription snack box I was trying. Graze boxes can be delivered weekly or biweekly and come with four healthy and tasty snacks. My original post contains more information about the service, but basically for $6.99 you get a box of snacks shipped directly to your door (and they are small enough to fit into mailboxes, so no waiting for the delivery guy). Graze offers a lot of customization so you receive only the snacks you want to try and that work for your diet. Hate certain ingredients or have dietary restrictions? No worries, you can “trash” any snacks you don’t want to get. The website is very easy to use and I love that you can order extra boxes when you want or even postpone your regular deliveries if you need to. My third box contained four snacks: Herby Bread Basket, Twist of Black Pepper Popcorn, Chili and Honey Almonds, and Cookies and Cream.


Herby Bread Basket contains a mix of mini basil breadsticks, garlic crostini, and oregano rice crackers. This was a good savory snack compared to the sweet ones I usually eat. It smelled nice and herb-y but wasn’t too strong. The mini basil breadsticks were slightly crunchy with a good basil flavor (I usually only like fresh basil, not dried, but these tasted great). The garlic crostini were crunchy like croutons with a really good, hearty flavor. They were not super garlicky, which is a good thing for a snack you can eat on the go. They were almost tomato-y. The oregano rice crackers were crunchy and light with a good flavor that wasn’t too strong. They had a good rice flavor to them. I really liked this snack. It had a great mix of textures and the crunchiness and blend of savory (but not salty) flavors was fantastic. I wish there were more crostini and fewer rice crackers but this is a snack I would be happy to get again.

Verdict: Like


Graze makes a couple of different flavors of popping corn, and in my box I received the Twist of Black Pepper flavor. I don’t eat much popcorn but my box arrived just as we were getting ready to watch a movie, so this was a perfect snack. This had a plain popcorn flavor with just a hint of black pepper. It wasn’t anything fancy but it did taste good and I’d never had a popcorn flavor like this before. The bag was a little smaller than a normal popcorn bag, but it is designed to be a snack for one person. I wouldn’t mind getting it again, but only every now and then just because I don’t eat a lot of popcorn in general.

Verdict: Try


The Chili and Honey Almonds are roasted almonds with a chili and honey glaze. I considered trashing this snack when I first signed up for Graze because I don’t like a lot of spicy foods. However, I do love almonds and honey so I thought I would try it (and I figured if I didn’t like them, someone in my family would). The notes I took while trying these are a little polarizing (just a little too spicy for me… nice honey flavor but chiles are a little overpowering… wouldn’t mind getting again). In the end, I ended up loving these and wished I had more. They are spicy, but the almonds and honey add some sweetness and make the chili tolerable for me. They tasted a little bit like barbeque sauce. These were a little sticky to the touch but didn’t get stuck in my teeth. Overall, they were a little too spicy for me but I loved the combination of spiciness and sweetness and just thinking about them makes me want more. I guess that’s the whole point of buying a box like this- you can try different flavors than what you’re used to and even if you hate them, you aren’t stuck with a bunch of leftovers that you won’t eat.

Verdict: Love


My fourth snack in this box was Cookies and Cream. Cookies and Cream is a mix of mini chocolate cookies, roasted hazelnuts, white chocolate buttons, and sunflower seeds. As you can see, the white chocolate buttons didn’t fare very well in my box (Graze only ships snacks containing chocolate from fall to spring to avoid this but it was still a little warm here). It was hard for me to really try this snack since most of it was stuck together but I still got a pretty good feel for it. The mini chocolate cookies were good but tasted a bit like generic cookies from the store (but they weren’t hard). The roasted hazelnuts were kind of plain with a hazelnut aftertaste. I don’t really like white chocolate but I didn’t mind the taste of the white chocolate buttons. They tasted a lot better than normal white chocolate. The sunflower seeds were fine but also a little plain and there were way too many of them. This was kind of a strange mix. It wasn’t very flavorful and while I didn’t hate it, there wasn’t anything that made me want more.

Verdict: Trash


My fourth Graze box contained Beach Bum, Tomato and Basil Pizza, Fruit and Seed Flapjack, and Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie. So far I haven’t gotten any repeats of snacks yet which is great because there are still so many I haven’t tried.


Beach Bum is a fruit mix with dried pineapple, chewy banana coins, and coconut flakes. This smelled very fresh and pineapple-y when I opened it. The pineapple was a little tougher than most of the dried fruit I’ve gotten in my Graze boxes, but it still wasn’t hard to eat. It had a very fresh, tangy pineapple flavor. This tasted almost exactly like fresh pineapple with a different texture. I’ve had the chewy banana coins in a different snack mix before and really liked them. Unlike hard, dry banana chips, the banana coins are soft and chewy with a great banana flavor. The coconut flakes didn’t have a lot of flavor to them. They were kind of crunchy with a slight coconut aftertaste. The coconut flakes had a nice texture and were fun to eat but they were pretty flavorless and got worse as I ate more. This snack has a fresh summer flavor but I wish the coconut was sweetened. Beach Bum is a little on the chewy side and has too much coconut, but I’d be okay with getting it again.

Verdict: Try


Tomato and Basil Pizza is a mix of mini tomato breadsticks, basil crunchini, and cheese flavored cashews. I wasn’t sure about this one but I’m really glad I decided to try it. It had a great basil/pizza smell to it as soon as I opened the package. The mini tomato breadsticks had a good amount of crunch and a good tomato sauce flavor to them. The basil crunchini had a pretty strong basil flavor (in a good way). They weren’t quite as crunchy as the garlic crostini in Herby Bread Basket, but they were pretty close. The cashews surprised me. I was a little unsure if I would like them but they had a wonderful texture and a great cheesy flavor. The flavors really blended together well in this snack. It was a great mix of textures and was another good savory snack. I loved Tomato and Basil Pizza and can’t wait to get it again.

Verdict: Love


The Fruit and Seed Flapjack is a rustic rolled oat flapjack (granola bar) with mixed seeds and dried fruits. I had gotten the Summer Berry Flapjack in one of my previous boxes and loved it, so I was happy to see this one in my box. Once again, it had a very fresh smell and a wonderful texture. It was soft with a little crunch from the seeds. This wasn’t as sweet as the last one I tried, but it was still very good. I love Graze’s flapjacks because they are a way more superior, freshly made version of a granola bar. This tasted amazing and wasn’t dry and hard.

Verdict: Like


Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie is a mix of baked salted peanuts, vanilla fudge pieces, mini chocolate cookies, and redskin peanuts. The salted peanuts were only lightly salted, so they weren’t super salty. The vanilla fudge pieces were a little chewy but not as chalky as the chocolate fudge pieces that I’d had before. They had a good flavor and tasted like caramel. The chocolate cookies were a little crunchy and didn’t have much of a chocolate flavor to them. In fact, all I could taste was peanuts. The redskin peanuts just tasted very plain. This was a nice combination of salty and sweet and I loved the fudge pieces, but this seemed pretty plain compared to their other snacks. Two kinds of peanuts seemed a little excessive. I think this would be a lot better if it was a mix of vanilla fudge pieces, mini chocolate cookies, and almonds for a slightly sweet flavor.

Verdict: Trash

I’m still really happy with my Graze subscription. Even though I don’t love all of the snacks, it is a fun box to get every two weeks and it is very convenient for me. I originally thought the snacks looked too small, but they are actually the perfect size. I love the customization with this box and that there are so many options with snack flavors and box scheduling. If you would like to try Graze for yourself, you can get your first and fifth boxes free (and you can cancel at any time). Just go here to use my referral code.

Have you tried Graze? What did you think?


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