ARK Skincare

ark-skincareI recently got the chance to try a couple of products from ARK Skincare: their Age Defend Replenishing Moisturizer and their Skin Perfector Triple Action Exfoliator. ARK Skincare is a British brand that uses natural ingredients and aims to give you professional, salon-quality results at home. Their skincare “system” is pretty easy to figure out- they have different lines based on age and what your skin needs during that time period. For example, the Age Protect line for teens and people in their twenties focuses on protecting against daily pollutants while the Age Defy line for 50 and up uses collagen-boosting and skin-brightening ingredients. It seems like a pretty simple way to choose your skincare products.

ark-skincare-age-defend-replenishing-moisturizerThe Age Defend Replenishing Moisturizer uses Omega 3s along with Vitamin A, shea butter and olive oil to moisturize skin and help smooth out wrinkles and prevent aging. I really liked the packaging of this moisturizer. You push the top down to dispense the product so it’s super hygienic and easy to control the amount you get. This moisturizer worked really well for me. It’s a thicker moisturizer that I think will be especially nice during the winter or if you have dry skin. It has a pretty strong “plant” smell but it didn’t last very long.

ark-skincare-triple-action-exfoliatorI also got to try the Skin Perfector Triple Action Exfoliator, an exfoliating mask that works for all ages. This uses physical, fruit acid, and enzymatic actions to exfoliate and smooth the skin. This exfoliator was really thick and felt like a balm. I actually hated how it felt on my skin. It was very mask-like and the texture made it impossible to rinse off without scrubbing my face with a washcloth. Still, this made my skin feel so nice that it’s worth the extra effort. My skin was super smooth and soft and it looked brighter and more plump. I really liked the effects I got from this exfoliator.

ark-skincare-2I was really happy with both products that I got to try from ARK Skincare. The Age Defend Replenishing Moisturizer is the perfect pick-me-up when my skin needs some extra moisturizer and I really like the anti-aging properties. As much as I do not like the feel of the Skin Perfector Triple Action Exfoliator, it worked really well (better than most exfoliators I’ve tried) and I loved how my skin felt after. If you’re looking to try some new skincare or if you need an idea of where to begin with your skincare regimen, ARK Skincare is definitely the place to start.


I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review.

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RAN Travel Box

RAN Travel BoxA couple of months ago, I was selected to receive a RAN Bonus Box from Rakuten Affiliate Network, the company we use for our affiliate links. The box was so fun to get and I received so many amazing products and discovered a lot of great new brands. When they announced their travel-themed RAN Bonus Box, I couldn’t wait to get it. Stacie and I travel a lot and we both have some pretty big trips planned for this year. I was so excited to see what Rakuten and their partners had in store for us and I was looking forward to developing relationships with more brands. I was not disappointed when I opened my RAN Travel Box. It was packed with goodies from some amazing brands and everything was perfect for the travel theme.

DHC Eye Strips and Cleansing OilI was really happy to receive lots of travel-sized beauty products in my RAN Travel Box. One of the hardest things for me when traveling is narrowing down which products are must-haves and which ones I can live without for a few days. And it seems like I never have travel sizes when I need them! I’m really excited about these products from DHC. The DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips for eyes sound like the perfect thing to use after a long flight. My skin can definitely dry out after a long day of traveling but going to the hotel and relaxing for a few minutes while wearing these eye masks sounds like the perfect pick-me-up! I also love oil cleansers for removing eye makeup so this mini version of DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil is great to have.

The Body Shop Olive Travel SetI’ve tried a few products from The Body Shop before and really liked them so I was super happy to get this Olive Beauty Bag. It contains minis of their Olive Shower Gel, Olive Body Butter, and Olive Body Scrub along with a mini Bath Lily. I love their olive line so I can’t wait to take these on a trip with me! They smell so good and I love how rich and emollient the olive products are. This was my favorite part of the RAN Travel Box.

RAN Travel MinisI also received a travel size Lacoste Live Eau De Toilette from Lacoste and an Acure Brightening Facial Scrub from Target. The Lacoste Live was fun to get for G and it smells really nice. I’m really excited to try the Acure Brightening Facial Scrub. I love scrubs and brightening products in general so I’m really interested to see the two combined.

Latam Airlines Coffee BeansAnother fun thing in the RAN Travel Box was a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans from LAN Airlines. I love chocolate anything and these coffee beans are a really nice treat, as long as I don’t eat them too close to bed time!

I’m really happy with the products I received in my RAN Travel Box. It was really fun to receive a travel-themed box and I love all of the mini beauty products I got- they’re perfect for traveling!


I received these items in exchange for my honest review. This post contains some affiliate links.

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Luminess Air Mystic Foundation

Luminess AirA few months ago, I got to try an airbrush makeup system from Luminess Air. I was initially a little wary of trying airbrush makeup because I thought it would be super difficult and messy to use. I was pleasantly surprised when the Luminess Air system was really easy to use and gave me great results. I loved how light the makeup felt on my face and I really liked how easy it was to customize the makeup- I could mix different colors together to get the perfect shade and I could even add highlighter or bronzer to my foundation for a different look. Needless to say, I was thrilled when Luminess Air asked me to try their new Luminess Air Mystic Airbrush Foundation.

Luminess Air MysticI received a bunch of new products to try along with the Luminess Air Mystic Foundation. First I used the Fotoset Face Primer which is a little different than the last primer from Luminess Air that I tried. This one comes in a pump and has a lotion-like consistency. It’s applied with fingers or a brush, not the airbrush system. It felt really nice on my face and I liked how it was slightly moisturizing. I also tried the Luminess Air Airbrush Concealer in Ivory. The concealer is used with the airbrush machine. I applied it before the foundation to add a little extra coverage under my eyes. I used the Luminess Air Airbrush Translucent Finishing Powder after I applied all my makeup to set it and reduce shine. I liked how the finishing powder contained a built-in brush and it felt really nice on my skin. I’d be careful applying this for special events though- you don’t want any flashback in pictures!

Luminess Air Mystic Airbrush FoundationI received two different shades of the Luminess Air Mystic Airbrush Foundation– Shade 2 and Shade 3. I’m pretty close to Shade 2 but it can be a little too light if I apply a couple of layers. I usually end up using about six or seven drops of Shade 2 with two or three drops of Shade 3 mixed in. I love how I can customize my shade if I get more sun or as the seasons change. It’s so easy to mix different colors in the airbrush machine without making a big mess. The Luminess Air Mystic Finish Foundation is their highest coverage foundation but it still feels lightweight and breathable. It’s supposed to be a primer, concealer, corrector, and foundation all in one and although it does have more coverage and gives me a flawless finish, it still looks very natural.

Luminess Air MascaraI also got to try the Luminess Air Airbrush Lip Gloss. This lip gloss comes in a click pen package which I’m not fond of. It’s also a pearly white color so on it’s own I don’t find it very flattering but it looks pretty layered over bright lipsticks. I did really like the Luminess Air Infinity Long-Wear Mascara. It separated my lashes really well and gave me a great natural look. I usually like mascaras with a bit more impact but this looked really pretty on and it lasted all day without smudging.

Luminess Air Mystic Foundation 1I’m pretty happy with all of the products that I received and I really like the Luminess Air Mystic Finish Foundation. It’s got a great finish that feels lightweight and looks natural while still providing good coverage and giving me that airbrush-makeup look. It’s not too matte but it’s not very dewy either, which I usually prefer. It’s a great “throw on and don’t think about it foundation.” I still prefer the Silk Finish Foundation from Luminess Air because it gives me a dewier look but this one is pretty nice too.

Right now you can get 20% off at Luminess Air, just use the code 123872758.


I received these products from Luminess Air in exchange for my honest review.

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HASK Charcoal Purifying Hair Care Collection

HASK Charcoal Purifying Hair Care CollectionI’ve been testing a lot of different hair products lately, some good and others not so good. My hair is usually pretty healthy but I can tell all of the switching around of products has taken a bit of a toll. My hair was getting a little dry and seemed like it could use a fresh start. I was so excited to try the HASK Charcoal Purifying Hair Care Collection because it seemed like exactly what my hair needed. This collection uses charcoal and citrus oil to clarify and refresh hair. Charcoal derived from coconut shells removes impurities and product build up and lemon and grapefruit oils invigorate and cleanse hair without drying it out.

HASK Charcoal Shampoo and ConditionerThe HASK Charcoal Purifying Shampoo is a medium gray color with darker specks of charcoal in it. It’s a thicker shampoo with a light citrus scent. Since it was pretty thick, it was a little hard to spread in my hair at first and I had to use more shampoo than usual. This worked really well though. It made my hair feel clean but didn’t give it that stripped feeling. The HASK Charcoal Purifying Conditioner had the same color and scent. It was nice and moisturizing and left my hair feeling light and healthy, not weighed down by any leftover products. At the same time, it was sleek and shiny without any frizz or dryness. I really liked how this shampoo and conditioner combination made my hair feel.

HASK Charcoal CollectionI also received a cute travel brush (love the pineapple wearing sunglasses!) and a packet of the HASK Charcoal Purifying Deep Conditioner. I love these deep conditioning packets from HASK. I can get two or three uses out of them and they are super moisturizing. The Charcoal Deep Conditioner is no exception, I love how soft it makes my hair feel. This is a great way to immediately help with dry hair.

I’m so glad I got to try the HASK Charcoal Purifying Hair Care Collection. The shampoo and conditioner did a wonderful job of clarifying my hair and removing leftover products without drying it out. It immediately made my hair feel better and it looked healthier and more lively. I really liked the deep conditioner as well, it gave my hair some much needed moisture! I definitely recommend this collection to anyone looking to “reset” their hair and give it a good, deep clean.


I received the HASK Charcoal Purifying Hair Care Collection in exchange for my honest review.

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Charmed with Soufeel

Soufeel Travel Charm BraceletI LOVE charm bracelets. I had a dream when I was younger that someone would buy me a charm bracelet and then continue to buy me fun charms for special occasions. Needless to say, that didn’t exactly work out. A few years ago, Stacie actually bought me a charm bracelet as a gift but since they’re not very popular right now it’s hard to find charms and I’ve ended up buying myself most of the ones I have! I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to make my own Soufeel charm bracelet. I still love the idea of collecting different charms and making a personalized piece of jewelry and theirs are so fun!

Soufeel BraceletI started with the Soufeel Basic Bracelet and added five different charms to it. Soufeel has so many different ones to pick from. I ended up making a travel-themed bracelet as G and I travel a lot so I thought it would be fun to wear. All of the charms are sterling silver and most of them also contain Swarovski crystals (perfect for a little sparkle!). I would recommend going up a size with the bracelet. You don’t want it to be too snug or you can’t add any charms.

Soufeel Travel CharmsI picked out five different travel charms. It was pretty hard to narrow it down, they have so many fun ones! I ended up with the UK Big Ben Charm (love the flag print), the Aeroplane Dangle Charm (love the Swarovski crystal windows), the Leaning Tower of Pisa Charm (it actually tilts if you stand it up), the Sydney Opera House Pendant Charm (I love that I could wear this on a necklace too), and the France Eiffel Tower Charm (love the detail).

Soufeel Silver Travel Charm BraceletI’m really happy with how my Soufeel charm bracelet turned out. I think the charms are so cute and I love the quality and all the little details. I’ll probably end up buying some cute spacer beads to separate the charms a bit while I’m wearing them and I just know I’ll be adding more of their travel charms, they’re all so perfect. I think once I’m done with my travel-themed bracelet I’ll move on to another one, they have so many other charms to choose from.

Soufeel Charm BraceletI really liked picking out all of the different charms and creating my own personalized charm bracelet. It was a lot of fun and I like how I was able to pick out exactly what I wanted and create a theme to my bracelet. I think Soufeel has so many amazing charms to choose from and I really like how easy they are to work with. If I ever decide I want to add new charms, move the old ones around, or put a charm on a necklace instead, it’s really easy to do so. I’m going to have a lot of fun with my new charm bracelet and I’m thinking these would be perfect to give out as gifts.

If you want to create your own Soufeel charm bracelet, you can use the promo code Review5 for 5% off your order!

Are you a fan of charm bracelets?


I received this Soufeel charm bracelet in exchange for my honest review.