Kentucky, Corvettes, and Sinkholes

I have spent a total of five weeks over 3 trips in Bowling Green, Kentucky and I finally went to the Chevrolet Corvette museum this week. I been here 3 different times for work and have been to almost every restaurant in town but haven’t had too much time to explore the city. Traveling for work definitely makes checking out new cities more difficult because we really only have the evenings free.

One of the unique things about Bowling Green  is that it’s home to the only Chevrolet Corvette factory. The factory has been open since 1981. In addition to the factory, they also have the Corvette museum dedicated to the history of the car. On Tuesday, the team took a long lunch so we could finally check out the museum – unfortunately we didn’t have time for the tour but it was cool to go check out the museum. The museum is filled with the history of the car, Corvettes from all model years, including Corvette racecars, prototypes, and significant Corvettes such as the 1 millionth Corvette. The museum was actually pretty cool – even for someone like me that isn’t a Corvette enthusiast. It was cool to see the different models and the changes that have been made to the car over the years. We even made a challenge of finding our favorite Corvette in the museum – the three of us really liked the fancy, gold, early model convertible Corvette – I would be ok driving that around town!




One of the main reasons I was excited to go check out the museum was to see the sinkhole. Last time I was in Bowling Green there was actually a massive sinkhole right in one of the main rooms of the museum which housed several collectible Corvettes such as the 1 millionth, 1.5 millionth, and the 40th Anniversary Corvette. The museum has allowed visitors to view the sinkhole up close as well as the Corvettes that were damaged or destroyed in the sink hole. There were a total of eight Corvettes that had fallen into the sinkhole. They were able to recover all eight from the sinkhole but some were damaged much worse than others. After removing the cars and assessing the damage it was determined that three of the eight were repairable. When we were at the museum they had seven of the Corvettes on display next to the sinkhole – each had a banner explaining what the Corvette was and notes on the retrieval of the car from the sinkhole. It was remarkable the amount of damage to some of the cars. The sinkhole was another favorite of mine at the museum. It turns out we went to the museum just in time; they are going to start filling up the sinkhole in November.


^^ View of the sinkhole


^^ Another View of the sinkhole


^^Some of the damaged cars


^^ 1.5 millionth Corvette


^^The worst of the damaged Corvettes. The 2001 Mallet Hammer Z06.

The Corvette museum was definitely a fun lunch break and a fun activity to help get us through the week of work. Next time I would love to take a tour of the factory and see how they are actually built!


- Stacie

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Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 646- 30 Montaigne

dior1 copy

I’ve always heard good things about Dior’s makeup, but I haven’t tried much of it. When I saw a Sephora promo for a mini eyeshadow palette, I decided to try it out. I received the 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 646- 30 Montaigne. Even though it is a mini palette, the packaging is sturdy and just like the full-sized palettes, minus the eyeshadow applicators. It has a mirror and snaps closed. This is missing the pretty quilting on the shadows, but it’s not like that lasts once you begin using it anyway. At 0.07 oz, the mini is one-third the size of a full-sized palette, with plenty of enough product to try.

dior2 copy

30 Montaigne comes with 5 shadows- peach, ivory, tan, medium brown, and dark brown. The colors are very light but they work for me. Some of the shades might not show up well on darker skintones. This is a nice neutral palette that is perfect for travel, but it is pretty small. Depending on what kind of eyeshadow brushes you use, it may be difficult to get product out. Smaller brushes would be best for this mini- bigger brushes may end up picking up multiple colors at a time.

dior3 copy

The peach color wasn’t that appealing to me in the pan, but once I swatched it I fell in love. It has just a hint of shimmer that is hard to see in person. This is a very pretty color that will be good for a bright-eyed look. I love to use colors like this on the middle of my eyelid to really make my eyes pop. The ivory shade is another one that looks pretty matte in person but has a little bit of shimmer in photos. It’s a little more matte than I usually like my highlight colors, but I could see it being good for lightening other shadows or as a base. The tan color is probably my least favorite. The entire palette leans warm, but this shade is very warm. It is a true matte shade that is just a little too orange for me. This would probably be a good blending color, or paired with the peach and ivory shades as a light makeup look. The medium brown color has a little more shimmer than the other shades, but it’s still not super noticeable. In person it looks very similar to the tan color, almost to the point where I wonder why they included both in the same palette. It is a little darker and not as warm though, so I like it much better. The dark brown has a shimmer that is easy to see in person. This is a color that would be good for the outer v or as an eyeliner. It is a wearable dark brown that doesn’t get too dark so it’s very easy to apply.

I’m really happy I picked up this palette. It’s pretty small and since the colors are so light it can take awhile to build them up, but this is a great neutral palette. 30 Montaigne leans warm and I wish it had a little more variety in the colors (in particular, I wish the middle tan color was replaced with something else) but it will be easy to create a lot of different looks with these shades. I like the peach color the best; it stops this from being a boring brown palette for me.

I used the promo code ROUGEDIOR to get this mini from Sephora (VIBRouge only with a $35 minimum purchase). They also have a set with this same mini palette and a full-sized Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara for $28.50 (the same price as the mascara by itself) here. Or you can purchase the full-sized palette for $54 here.

Have you tried any of Dior’s makeup? What did you think?


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Pisa Italy

After our adventure in Cinque Terra we headed to Pisa for a quick trip – we stayed just one night and left by noon the next day. Even though it was such a short stop in Pisa it was enough time to see the city and of course check out the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

We arrived at our hotel early evening the first night. About two thirds of the group walked to a nearby pizza restaurant to grab a bite while the rest of us decided to head into the city to explore and have a quick dinner. We were only staying about a 10 minute taxi ride out of the city. That taxi ride was my first experience with Italian drivers – lets just say it was a crazy ride and just the beginning! The little I saw of Pisa was quite pretty. There was a river that seemed to run right through town and added to the beauty of the city. Once we were dropped off, the group, about 10 of us, started to wander through the town in search of a restaurant for dinner. We ended up in a little square that had a few different restaurants with tons of outdoor seating. Even though it was close to 10 pm the square was so lively and filled with people. The restaurant we ended up at only had a few outdoor seats available so the group had to split up – half went inside to eat and the other half stayed outside. I stayed with the group outside which made for some fun people watching.

Our dinner at the restaurant was amazing! It was definitely one of my top 3 meals of the trip. I ordered the fettuccine al pomodoro which was just fettuccine noodles with an amazing tomato sauce. That pasta was seriously soooo good! The noodles were a perfect al dente and the sauce was great! I could eat that meal everyday! Even after all the pasta we ordered dessert. The table ordered a chocolate lava cake to share and then we were going to order another dessert of cookies and sweet wine to share but the waitress suggested we each get our own. When it arrived we realized one would have been plenty for us to share. The dessert came with a small glass of sweet wine and about 5 cookies which you were supposed to dip into the the wine before eating. It was good but very strong.


The next morning we set off to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We were given about two hours at the tower to take the traditional photos of the tower and to have lunch. It was fun trying to take the perfect picture holding up the tower. It definitely takes some skill to get the photo right! We had enough time to grab a quick lunch of pasta (I surprisingly had salad – I was craving vegetables at that point) and then we had to meet back up with our group to head to Florence. Pisa was a nice stop during our trip to kinda relax and get ready for Florence.



- Stacie

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Stila Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette: Review and Swatches

stila1 copy

Blush is one of my favorite beauty products. I love how a pop of color on my cheeks brightens my face, even if that’s all I’m wearing. In fact, my favorite quick makeup look involves blush, lots of mascara, and a swipe of bright lipstick. Some of my favorite blushes are Stila’s Convertible Colors. They are a cream blush that you can also use on your lips, although I find they’re usually a little too pale, don’t last very long, and can be drying on my lips, so I stick to my cheeks. They are super pigmented so a little goes a long way and I love how they melt into my skin and give me just a hint of a dewy glow. I also like how I can apply them with my fingers and get the color right where I want it. Plus, that makes them easy to apply on the go. Stila’s Convertible Colors are long-lasting and the cream formula makes them look very natural and not powdery. It is easy to sheer out or build up the colors to get the look you want. I’ve collected quite a few Convertible Colors over the years from Stila’s travel palettes (most of which were exclusive to those palettes which is a shame because I loved certain colors) and I recently spotted Stila’s Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette on sale so I grabbed it immediately.

stila2 copy

The Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette contains 5 convertible colors, most of which have been part of their permanent line except for Kitten, which is exclusive to this palette. The Color Me Pretty Palette has Kitten (champagne), Peony (brownish rose), Gerbera (peachy pink), Rose (brownish red), and Petunia (coral pink). The five colors come in a lightweight tin that is sturdy but a little bulky. I would have liked to see slimmer packaging for this set, but I also like having so many choices in one package.

stila3 copy

Kitten, Peony, Gerbera, Rose, Petunia


Kitten is a little different from the other Convertible Colors because it’s a highlight shade, not a blush or lip color. I prefer cream highlighters to powder because they really melt into your skin instead of sitting on top of it and the Kitten Convertible Color is no exception. It has a golden shimmer and the cream formula makes it easy to add a little or a lot of highlight wherever you want it. I like to use another Convertible Color as a blush and then tap Kitten onto my cheekbones for just a little glow. I also like to dab just a bit in the center of my lips over lipstick. Peony is a popular Convertible Color. It’s a brown-leaning rose color that looks nice with a tan or for a more natural look. Gerbera is my favorite color from this set, and the only one that I had tried previously. I actually bought this set mostly for Gerbera because I love it so much. In the pan it looks like an opaque peachy brown color, something that would not be very flattering on, but it is actually a pretty peachy pink that looks very natural and bright. If Peony is a summer wear-with-my-tan color, Gerbera is its spring brighten-my-complexion cousin. Rose is a brownish red color that is a little dark and red in the pan, but works on my fair skin if I use a light hand. It’s a darker, redder version of peony and looks nice in fall and winter. Rose is the only color from the set that might work for a lip color on me. Petunia is similar to Gerbera but more bright, more pink, and more sheer. It’s a great summer color.

I feel like you really have to wear the Convertible Colors to see if you like them. I’ve tried so many different colors that looked wrong in the pan but lovely on the face. From this set, Gerbera is my favorite, followed by Kitten and Petunia. Peony and Rose are colors that I probably wouldn’t buy again, but they still look really nice on. I just prefer pink and peach blushes to browns and reds. The Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette is currently out of stock on Stila’s website, but you might be able to find it at another retailer. Or you can buy individuals of the different shades (except for Kitten) from or Ulta, $25 for 0.15 oz.


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Bite Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo in Vivid: Review and Swatches

bite1 copy

It’s no secret that I’m a lipstick fan, especially a bright pink lipstick fan. It doesn’t matter how many pink lipsticks I own, if I see one, I have to have it. That’s why I was so happy to find this Bite Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo at Sephora. It is basically two mini lipsticks in one tube: Violet (a vibrant purple) and Palomino (a vibrant magenta). The two shades can be worn alone or layered for a custom look, and it’s super small so it’s perfect for travel. And at only $12, it’s a great price.

bite2 copy

The box is pretty small, but I was still surprised when I saw how tiny the actual lipsticks were. Each mini is one-third the size of a regular Bite Luminous Creme Lipstick, but the packaging is just a little bit bigger than a full-size lipstick and much thinner.

bite3 copy

Bite lipsticks are made with natural and food-grade ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally ingesting dangerous chemicals because of your lipstick. They are highly pigmented and hydrating. Each of the mini lipsticks contains the Resveratrol equivalent of two glasses of red wine, which Bite claims fights free radicals to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on and around your lips. These lipsticks are creamy but they are not long-lasting and they can be delicate. I broke one of the lipsticks off just by swatching it. Bite lipsticks feel creamy going on, but I feel like they sit on my lips instead of melting into them. They tend to flake off after awhile. They are definitely lipsticks that I need to apply often.

bite5 copy

Violet, Palomino


Violet is a gorgeous bright purple color with just a hint of pink. It’s not too purple, so it’s easy to wear and the bright shade is good for fall or summer. Palomino is a pretty bright magenta. It’s a little darker and deeper than most bright pinks, so it’s also great for fall.

bite4 copy

Violet, Palomino over Violet, Palomino, Violet over Palomino


I love the idea of layering lipsticks to get a custom shade, and these two look so nice together. Layering Palomino over Violet makes Violet a little pinker and more wearable. Layering Violet over Palomino really adds depth to Palomino, and makes it a nice berry shade. I’m really happy with this lipstick duo, even if I have to be careful applying them and need to do it more often than I like. The colors are fantastic and I like that the lipsticks only contain good ingredients. The small size makes this great for travel- you can take two shades (more if you count the layering opportunities) and they take up less space than one full-sized lipstick. I like being able to layer the lipsticks to get different colors (Violet over Palomino is my favorite combination so far). The Bite Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo in Vivid is $12 here, and they also have a neutrals option if brights aren’t your thing.


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Julep Glow Pore Minimizing Blush in Peach Bellini

blush1 copy

It’s no secret that I love Julep’s nail polishes, but I also really like their beauty products. When they came out with their Glow Pore Minimizing Blush, I had to try it (my love for blush rivals my love for pink lippies). The blush comes in a sturdy black plastic case that closes with a satisfying click. It has a good-sized (ie actually usable) mirror on the inside and is a decent size at about 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches.

blush2 copy

The Glow Pore Minimizing Blush comes in two shades: Peach Bellini and Petal Pink. I own the Peach Bellini shade, which is actually more of a peachy pink color. The blush claims to minimize complexion imperfections and give you a healthy glow. It contains diamond powder to diffuse light, minimize pores and imperfections, and add a luminous shimmer. The blush also contains anti-aging, hydrating ingredients. I’m not sure if the diamond powder really does anything besides add a subtle shimmer, but it does make me feel fancy knowing my blush contains diamonds (I’m a little snobby that way :)). This is a mineral-based blush, so it is a little powdery and can crumble or break if you’re not careful with it. Luckily, it is also super pigmented. I barely have to touch my brush to the blush to get enough color. Even though it’s powdery in the pan, it blends into the skin well.

blush3 copy

Peach Bellini blended out, one swipe, built up.


Peach Bellini is a pretty, natural color that is also easy to build up. It has just a hint of shimmer but no glitter. It leans slightly more pink than peach, and it looks nice on my fair skin. Since it’s so pigmented, I think it will also work well on darker skin tones. This is a great everyday color for me. I love the peach/pink color mix and the subtle shimmer really does give me a nice healthy glow. The big size and the fact that I don’t have to use very much makes it a blush that will last a long time for me. Julep’s Glow Pore Minimizing Blush is $24/19.20 Maven for 0.25 oz here. Julep also makes a Glow Pore Minimizing Bronzer if blush isn’t your thing.

What’s your favorite blush?


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Welcome to Italia

After a full couple days in Nice it was time to head to Italy…first stop Cinque Terre! The road from Nice to Cinque Terre was very windy but had beautiful views of the green mountains. We were dropped off near Cinque Terre and had to take a short train ride the rest of the way to the first village, Monterosso. Cinque Terre means five lands in Italian and is a cluster of five villages along the rugged, mountainous coastline of Italy. The area is pretty remote and is still not easily accessible by car. They are also well known for their beautiful colorful buildings – when I was at the town the houses and stores didn’t seem as brightly colored as I was expecting but when I saw them from a boat it was more obvious.

Upon arriving in Monterosso, we were given about 5 hours of free time to explore the village. Neli, Marine, and I spent the time walking through the village and eating our first, authentic Italian pasta. Monterosso was beautiful! It had a beautiful pebble beach that was packed when we were there – it was actually quite hot the day we were there. Of my whole trip I think the day in Monterosso was the hottest – unfortunately I hadn’t packed my swimsuit for the day and none of the stores or restaurants seemed to have air conditioning so there was really no relief from the heat. Despite the heat we still had a good day exploring the village. We walked through several of the small roadways just admiring the houses. There were so many beautiful, old houses throughout the town.






After doing some exploring we went to a cute restaurant for lunch that our tour manager had recommended (he told us this place had the best pesto pasta ever).  Due to the recommendation of our tour manager we ordered two orders of the pesto pasta and an order of ravioli to share between the three of us. The pesto pasta really was amazing. The pasta was cooked to the perfect al dente and the sauce was so delicious. It was a great first Italian meal! After lunch we explored some of the small shops. During our shopping we bought matching blue, braided leather bracelets.



We then had to meet up with our group to take a boat to Portovenere, another town further south from Cinque Terre. We met up with the group and walked over to the boat dock, we were told it was going to be a few minutes longer before we could board and since we were standing directly in the sun a group of five of us went to stand in the shade to wait for the boat. The only shade was against a cliff that jutted out a little so we couldn’t see the group but we could could see the boats and planned on walking over once the group boarded. We waited about 20 minutes and then the five of us started wondering what was taking the boat so long. Turns out there was another boat dock on the other side of the jetty which we couldn’t see from where we were waiting so we missed the boat! Luckily none of us panicked instead we immediately starting thinking of solutions (the biggest concern was catching up with the group before they left Portovenere). We thought the best alternative was to try to take a train to meet the group. After about 15 minutes we were finally able to reach our tour manger who told us to take the 5 o’clock boat and meet up with the group (luckily there was some scheduled free time in the next city so we had time to catch up with the group). We were all so relieved when we heard the news. The boat ride was also really beautiful so I’m glad we didn’t miss out on that! The boat ride took us past the other four villages; we had such a beautiful view of the houses tucked into the mountainside. The boat ride was about an hour long. Once we arrive in Portovenere we met up with the group and left for Pisa where we would be spending the night. I was so relieved that the group had waited for us that I didn’t even really care about missing out on exploring the other town.




My time spent in Cinque Terre was quite the adventure. If I ever go back I would definitely make sure to pack a swimsuit and I would want to hike along the trail between the villages. I’ve heard it’s an amazing hike so I would definitely want to make time for it next time.

- Stacie

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