Nashville Snapshots

nashville_marche{Brunch at Marché Artisan Foods}

Since Stacie has fallen in love with Nashville (seriously, it’s all she ever talks about), I figured I needed to see what the big deal was. After she finished her recent work in Bowling Green, I flew out and met her for a weekend in Nashville. I was really surprised with how much there was to do. Luckily, the city itself is pretty small so we were able to do pretty much everything on our list in the two-and-a-half days I was there. We will have more comprehensive posts detailing everything we did, but for now, here are a few sneak peeks.

nashville_the_parthenon{Visiting the Parthenon}

nashville_the_frothy_monkey{Grabbing a chai tea at The Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse}

nashville_i_believe{We ran into not one, but two I Believe in Nashville murals}

nashville_jenis{Ice-cream at Jeni’s}

nashville_centennial_park{Nashville’s Bicentennial Capitol Mall}

nashville_the_pharmacy{Finishing the evening with burgers and sodas at The Pharmacy}

What have you been up to lately?


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DIY Bright Midi Skirt

diy_midi_skirt1Something about spring is so inspiring to me. I love warm weather, and even though Phoenix doesn’t get too cold (for the most part), I’m always so happy when spring arrives. Longer days, fresh air, bare legs… what could be better? As much as I love a black and gray palette for my outfits, spring calls for a little more color. While pastels are pretty, I prefer going all out and jumping into bright summer colors right away. What else am I going to wear with a bright coral lipstick?

diy_midi_skirtWhen I first spotted this fabric, I knew it was going home with me. It’s so loud and bright that I couldn’t resist. I knew a dress in this fabric would be a little much, but I thought it would be perfect as a spring skirt paired with a neutral top. I found a super easy tutorial for a midi skirt from Merrick’s Art and took a couple of shortcuts to make it even easier.

midi_skirt_patternWhile Merrick’s tutorial is super quick and easy, I wanted to make it even easier with fewer pieces to sew together (my way only consists of one rectangle of fabric). Basically, I took my waist measurement and multiplied it by 1.5, then added another inch or so for seam allowance. Next, I measured from my waist to my knees. I added an extra inch for the hem and about an extra 3-3.5 inches for the waistband.

diy_midi_skirt2I started by sewing the skirt together (along the waist to knee measurement line). For the waistband, I measured a piece of elastic to fit my waist and sewed the edges together. Then I folded about 2 in of the top of the skirt down and pressed it (this creates your waistband and gives some extra room to sew in the elastic). You can sew in the elastic like that, but I also folded another 1/2 in of fabric under the fold to create a finished seam.

diy_midi_skirt3Sewing in the elastic was a bit of a slow process. Since I had a loop of elastic and was trying to create a clean seam on the waistband, I had to be careful not to catch the elastic as I was sewing. I’m really happy I sewed the waistband this way though, it created a more finished look.

diy_midi_skirt5You can see that instead of having a separate waistband and trying to sew the elastic and finish the seam at the end, I just had one piece of fabric that I folded under and tucked the elastic into to create the waistband. Much easier, cleaner, and less bulky!

diy_midi_skirt4Last step was to finish the hem (I also folded the edges under to prevent fraying). I pressed all of the seams and edges as I went and really took my time with this skirt and it still only took a little over an hour to make. Simple and quick, and nice and bright for spring! This skirt was so easy to make that I can’t wait to make more in different fabrics and lengths.



Spring Wishlist

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We’ve had spring weather for awhile now, but now that spring is officially here it’s time to break out the bare legs and bright lipsticks! Here’s what we’ve got on our wishlists right now:

For spring I’m craving lots of bright white with neon accents, plus the entire Kate Spade spring collection (check it out for yourself here).

1. Delicate stacking rings. I’ve got stacks upon stacks already, but I love the look of several delicate pieces layered together. The Thin Matte Stacking Rings from Consider The Wldflwrs would be the perfect addition to my collection.

2. Bright pink blush. I love the look of rosy cheeks and Dior’s Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush in Petal would be the perfect pink to brighten my complexion.

3. A neon watch. As much as I love chunky gold watches, the Metro Round Leather Strap Watch from Kate Spade would really stand out against an all-white outfit. Plus, it wouldn’t be nearly as heavy.

4. A glass water bottle. I use Nalgene bottles a lot but I love how chic this Glass and Silicone Water Bottle from Kate Spade looks.

5.  White sneakers. I love the look of crisp white sneakers (even if it’s impossible to keep them looking that way). The Copenhagen Sneaker from Topshop is a faux leather version that will be easier to clean.

6. A new home fragrance. I love the heavy scents of fall and winter but spring calls for something lighter. This Lavender Vanilla Candle from Bath and Body Works smells fresh and clean without smelling like cleaning products.

7. A large tote. I carry a pretty big bag already, but a tote is so useful for going to the pool or grabbing groceries. Plus how cute is the scallop trim and contrasting lining on the Kate Spade Lily Avenue Carrigan Leather Tote?

8. A crisp white dress. I wear a lot of black and gray during the winter so bright white is a nice way to start spring without giving up my neutral colors. I love that this Button-Pleat Shirtdress from Anthropologie looks structured but not confining.


For spring this year I’m looking forward to lots of bright, fun colors! I typically wear a lot of black (like Molly) but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up with a few brights. I’m also looking forward to some fun beach days as the weather gets warmer!

1. Lululemon Speed Short. I typically stick to crops and leggings when working out but as the weather warms up these shorts would be perfect for hiking and a trip to the beach. Bonus they come in a million colors!

2. LA Dodgers Clayton Kershaw T-shirt. Last year I went to my first couple Dodger games but never bought a shirt. I’m looking forward to the start of baseball season and figured it’s time to invest in a Dodgers shirt!

3. Art Print. Spring seems like the perfect time for some new decorating at my place. This print would be the perfect addition to my room.

4. Lakitia Embellished Sandals. With living in LA, I practically live in sandals. I love the glitter on this pair and they’re such a great deal!

5. Craig Medium Carrying Case. I love the mint color of this bag and it will be the perfect addition to a little white dress.

6. Teeny Triangle Bikini. Swimsuit season is here! I love the idea of a neoprene swimsuit and this one comes in such fun colors!

7. Just Stitched and Garden Variety. Bright nails are a Spring staple for me! These new colors from Essie will be perfect for a nice Spring day.

8. KUT from the Kloth Denim Jacket. It still gets pretty chilly in the evenings during spring so a cute light jacket is a must for nights out with friends!


What’s on your spring wishlist?

-Molly and Stacie


Buxom Full-Bodied Lipstick in Dolly


Since I’m in the midst of a beauty low-buy, I’ve been trying to avoid making any unnecessary purchases. My biggest beauty weakness is lipstick (especially bright pink shades). Luckily for me, Sephora released a mini lipstick as one of their 100-point perks this month. I had quite a stash of points, so when I felt that lipstick craving, I stopped by my local store and grabbed a mini of Buxom’s Full-Bodied Lipstick in Dolly.


I’ve received mini Buxom lipsticks in the color Mistress as part of a couple of previous Sephora promos (see my reviews here and here), and I really liked the formula so I was happy to get a new shade to try. Dolly is one of Buxom’s more popular colors (I have one of their lip glosses in Dolly). It’s a shimmering sultry mauve that acts as a MLBB color for a lot of people.


The Full-Bodied Lipstick formula is creamy with a slight plumping effect and a satin finish. The Dolly lipstick is more vibrant and opaque than the lip gloss I own. It’s also a little more red and a little less purple. The Full-Bodied Lipsticks tend to last a few hours on me before I need to reapply. These aren’t super long-lasting lipsticks but they feel really nice on the lips.


In direct sunlight, you can see how shimmery Dolly is. This is a really nice, natural color and although I usually prefer lipsticks with creme finishes, I like the slight sparkle in this. It’s not gritty or glittery, just really pretty and shiny. The shimmer adds a little more dimension to the color and keeps the satin finish from looking flat.


In inside lighting, Dolly is just a little too dark for me. It is a nice plummy mauve but not quite the MLBB color I was looking for (I prefer light pinks for that look). On me, this is more of a fall lipstick color. Still, Dolly is wearable, although it will probably look better with a tan. I think the slight shimmer is so pretty so I’m going to try layering this over lighter shades or sheering it out to see if it looks better. The full-sized Buxom Full-Bodied Lipstick in Dolly is $21 here, or you can pick up the mini using 100 of your Sephora points here. Even though Dolly doesn’t quite work that well on me, I’m still glad I picked it up and even happier that I didn’t spend any money!



Julep Lucky

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luckyI really like nail art but I don’t always have the patience for it. I can handle an accent nail and some polka dots or stripes, but much more than that and I find myself running for the remover and starting over. That’s why I love nail decals so much. They are super easy to use and make a mani look much more intricate than it is. When Lizzie from Vinyl It Up sent me these cute St. Patrick’s Day decals, I couldn’t wait to use them. And what better polish to pair them with than Julep’s Lucky, a kelly green and gold coin glitter?


one coat

When I first joined Julep, Lucky was a color I went back-and-forth on. I love Julep’s glitters but the color didn’t “wow” me. I loved the idea of a green and gold glitter that I could use for St. Patrick’s Day, but I wasn’t sure if I would really like it or if it would be relegated to one mani a year. Then the color was retired and I didn’t have to agonize over it any more. I eventually picked it up as part of a swap and I’m really glad I did.


two coats

Lucky was almost full-coverage in one coat but I added a second anyway. Who can go wrong with more glitter? My Lucky was on the thicker side but it was still very easy to work with. The color is so much prettier in real life compared to Julep’s swatches. I didn’t buy Lucky to begin with because Julep’s photos make it look like a yellow-green polish, but it is actually much more vibrant.

julep_lucky2Lucky is a light kelly green with large gold glitter “coins” in it. It’s a really unique shade that I like a lot. This is definitely not going to be a color I only wear once a year. Lucky is nice and sparkly on and it is a surprisingly wearable color.

julep_lucky3I found it hard to choose which decals to use on my mani, so I went with a few different ones! How cute is the leprechaun hat? And you can’t go wrong with four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick’s Day. But I thought the beer mugs were the most fun (and the most versatile! These would be fun for a party or sporting event). I love how well the gold decals pair with Lucky. They add a little extra shine but don’t clash, and they blend in so they aren’t super flashy or noticeable until you get close.

julep_lucky5I’m really happy with how cute this mani turned out, and how easy it was! Lucky was a wonderful formula to work with and the decals were super easy to use. Is this perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or what? I can’t wait to show off my nails!

Julep re-released Lucky last month (just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s also just a great color for spring). You can get it for $14/11.20 Maven here. The decals are from Vinyl It Up (so many colors and varieties to choose from!), a set of 50 is only $2.50 here. Plus, you can follow her instagram for previews and promo codes!