Graze Snack Box Review #6

I’ve been getting Graze snack boxes for quite a while now and I have to admit, it still fun to get these snacks in the mail but some of the novelty has worn off. I really like receiving tasty, healthy snacks and the packaging is perfect for throwing them in my bag for later. Previously, […]

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Graze Review #5

I’ve written before about my Graze boxes and how much I enjoy them (see my other reviews here) and for my latest Graze review I’m talking about three of my latest boxes. What’s better than getting healthy, interesting snacks delivered to your door every couple of weeks? I’ve been really happy with the service and […]

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Graze Box Review #4

I’m not a big fan of subscription boxes. I like surprises but I hate feeling like I should have just spent my money on something I actually wanted. I understand the appeal- you get a surprise box of products that are worth much more than you paid, but are they really worth it if you […]


Graze Snack Box Review #3

I’ve posted a couple of times before about Graze, a snack subscription box I get. I’m really picky when it comes to subscription boxes- I like surprises but at the same time I don’t want to be disappointed and feel like I should have spent my money elsewhere. That’s why I like Graze so much. […]


Graze Box Review #2

I posted awhile ago about Graze, a new subscription snack box I was trying. Each Graze box can be delivered weekly or biweekly and come with four healthy and tasty snacks. My original post contains more information about the service, but basically for $6.99 you get a box of snacks shipped directly to your door […]


Graze Snack Box Review

I recently signed up for a Graze Box. It’s a subscription box that gets delivered either weekly or biweekly and contains four different snacks. I liked the idea of being able to try different snacks, plus having the convenience of it being delivered to my home. At $6.99 a box including shipping (it was $6.49 […]